Gym Crash at Rockface 12 Jan 2012

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Last night’s Gym Crash at Rockface had an excellent turnout from the CAWA membership and significantly, a number of new members came along as well. Whilst your’s truly was trying to speed up the Pizza’s for the early climbers and slowing down the Pizza’s for the late commers, everyone looked like they were having a good time.

It was great to see so many CAWA members interacting and that’s what the association is predominately there for.

Thanks for your support last night and a great evening. Please continue to support your association and its efforts to bring you quality and interesting climbing experiences.

Tony Brebner, CAWA President (And last night’s Pizza Man !)

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mike cole
January 13, 2012

Thanks Tony, a great time and friendly people, can,t wait to do it again

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