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Carrot Controversy

Posted on October 01, 2010 by to Western Climber | 1 Comment

Steve Morris from Rock Hardware on karabiners and removable bolt hangers I am confident that most climbers know not to use wire gate kara-biners on removable bolt hangers. There is not enough mass in the wire gate to keep the bolt plate captive on the bolt head. These stainless steel bolts in the rock are […]

Eaglestone Rock

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By Francis Butler Sometime back in July Ashley List, the esteemed trip organiser, placed a comment on the CAWA forum trying to arouse interest between the usual long weekend adventures for a short trip to Eaglestone Rock. Many showed little interest given the short notice, but of those who did most said, “Eagle what?” Well […]

Karabiner Care

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Steve Morris from Rock Hardware talks about looking after your screw gates. I am often asked if you can clean karabiners and if so, is there a safe method? My standard reply is rather conservative. Clean as little as possible and only when absolutely necessary. This basic principle applies to any climbing gear, including ropes […]

Ultimate Climbing Comp 2

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by Ross Weiter Yet another great climbing comp from the Rockface stable! Liana Morgan scooped the chix, Jay Girdlestone the men and Pete the masters. For three hours the main competition was on, including bouldering, leading and speed climbing, with top roping an option for the newer climbers. Then it was time for the pizza […]

Kalbarri Trip Report

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by Ashley List Kalbarri is located 600km north of Perth and is quite the drive when you consider the usual climbing that can be found when heading south to Margaret River for a short weekend. The driving aside, the climbing is well worth the trip as long as you’re feeling strong as many of the […]

Mt Frankland and March Flies

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By Jolene Sheldon in consultation with Richard Haynes. Only the most intrepid CAWA members braved the march flies and bull ants to attend this year’s full frontal assault on the slabs of Mt Frankland. This year saw blue skies and hot temperatures in contrast to last year’s rain and lightening. Here is the truth; dry […]

Living and Climbing in Oman

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By Ross Weiter In the three years from 2004 to 2007 I was lucky enough to work, live and climb in the Sultanate of Oman. I must say that I headed over there with a bit of trepidation, expecting something of a hazardous backward outpost of civilisation at best. Let’s face it; Hollywood does not […]

100 Climbs in 100 days

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By Remi 100 Climbs in 100 days, a fundraising event for Friends of Australian Rock Art (FARA) has added another dimension to climbing for a dozen of (mad) West Australian rock-climbers since the 1st of January 2010. The challenge aims to raise funds to support FARA in its quest to achieve World Heritage Listing of […]

How Hard is Your Head?

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By Dena Rao Helmets. How many of you have one? How many of you wear them even if you do have one? I have a helmet. A pretty blue Black Diamond one. And I really dislike wearing it while I’m climbing because I seem to bump my head on things a lot more often. Most […]

WA Bouldering Competition 2009

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By Gareth Wall It was hot, the problems were hard and a bit under graded. All competitors had to push themselves during the pumpfest to a level they hadn’t pushed to before. The moans from sore competitors during the following few days brought a sadistic smile to my face. I had achieved where I felt […]