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Adjourned CAWA AGM: Monday 14 March 2016

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Bugger. We didn’t achieve quorum at the planned AGM on 22 February 2016. What does this mean? We weren’t able to conduct any of the formal business such as elections, so we now must organise an adjourned AGM. It will be held at a different venue. Several members have asked what ‘proxy’ and ‘quorum’ mean […]

Climbing at Esperance

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There has been conflicting information about climbing in Esperance for some years now. Though we thought we had an arrangement in place with an agreement that no new bolts would be placed without permission, climbers would notify the ranger of their intention to climb and no climbing to occur at Frenchman’s Peak, some Department of […]

Mike Law Training Clinics – Register Now!

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We recently announced Mike Law’s visit to Perth to run some climbing clinics and speak at the AGM. One of Australia’s climbing legends (‘The Claw’), he is both knowledgeable and entertaining. Perth climbers have a unique opportunity to come and learn from the master (and marvel at his amazing Hawaiian shirts). You can now register for […]

CAWA Brings Mike Law to Perth Feb 2016

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Mike Law is an Australian climbing legend and CAWA is bringing him to Perth in February 2016 to run a couple of clinics and speak at the AGM. Mike was a leading climber in the 70s, developing many cliffs and new routes. Over the next 40 years he continued to put up many new routes […]

Vertical Rescue Course for CAWA Members

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This one day course will be conducted by Adventure Out for CAWA members. It has been specifically designed to address the situations we commonly find ourselves in so that the skills you take away will be directly applicable and utilise the gear usually carried on single and multi-pitch climbs. The rescue outline below has an […]

Update on Kalbarri Climbing and Camping

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CAWA has received a letter from DPaW’s Midwest Regional Manager (link below), concerning the rediscovered rock wallabies and how this affects management of the area. This letter and the Kalbarri gorge camping question were discussed at length at the committee meeting on 9 December 2015. Prior to this discussion the committee has seen, heard and […]

Logan Barber: A Local Climber’s Progression

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Come and join a well-known local climbing icon, Logan Barber, as he shares climbing stories with his hometown. Focusing on his progression as a climber from Perth and his inspirations, the talk will cover his travels as well as his achievements stretching over a 19 year career that has taken him all over the world. […]

Remote Area First Aid Course January 2016

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Climbers often find themselves in remote areas (a remote area being defined as more than one hour from definitive care, with definitive care being a permanent medical facility). Though remote first aid does not replace definitive medical care, the ability to provide immediate appropriate care to an injured or suddenly ill person could be life saving. There is […]

Eaglestone Rock Access Formalised

Posted on November 13, 2015 by to News | 2 Comments

Recently, DPaW raised concerns about climbing taking place at Eaglestone Rock after a visitor complained about the presence of bolts. Though the bolts have been in place for the better part of ten years, DPaW seemed to be unaware of the climbing activities. The primary route developers, respecting the sensitivities that go with access, had […]

Kalbarri National Park Developments and Rock Wallabies

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Wallabies at The Promenade This little lady and her fur baby are extremely rare Black Flanked Rock Wallabies, thought to have died out in this area around twenty years ago. Seen recently in the Z-Bend gorge at Kalbarri National Park (KNP), they have made their home directly adjacent to The Promenade, on the ‘grassy’ slopes on the downstream […]