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Rescue and First Aid Training for CAWA Members

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NOTE: JUNE COURSE IS FULL. But watch this space as we may run another course later in the year. You may be familiar with PWR Urban Ascent, the indoor climbing gym. However, this is not their core business. Paull and Warner Resources (PWR) offer safety, emergency and rescue training to the mining and construction industry. […]

Wellington Dam Quarry Day: Saturday 17 May 2014

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Hi Everyone Just a quickie to let you know that we are planning a day out out Wellington Dam Quarry on Saturday 17 May 2014. Hamish Carrad will be the coordinator and will provide more details within the week. Keep an eye on the website and your inbox. But here are the basics: A day […]

Quarry Bookings

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The booking system for Mountain and Stathams quarries changed in 2012. See a previous post here with the relevant information: I have recently had some feedback from DPaW (Department of Parks and Wildlife) that on duty officers have been receiving phone calls as early as 5 am on the weekends. You are not phoning […]

Gym Crash Thursday 13 March 2014 @ Rockface

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Hi Everyone The first gym crash of the year is here! Apologies for the delay in notification but we’ve had a couple of technological hiccups. So we hope that you will cancel all of your other far less interesting plans and come along. When: Thursday 13 March,, 6:30pm onwards Where: Rockface 63B John St Northbridge How […]

New Committee and Update

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Technically, I’m not new, I’m recycled. Having already done a four year stint on the committee from 2007 – 2011, I clearly didn’t get enough the first time around and I’m back to do it all again. In spite of being broken with frustrating regularity, my passion for climbing has not waned. And I’m thrilled […]

Website Issue

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Hi Everyone We are aware that there are some issues with the website and the the forum page is not loading properly. We’ll get it sorted as soon as we can. Thanks for your patience. Dena Rao CAWA President    

Mt Frankland Trip: Labour Day Long Weekend 1 – 3 March 2014

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Many moons ago,  when I was younger and prettier, we used to run the Mt Frankland trip on this weekend. March 2009 it rained. March 2010 it was lovely but got a little toasty in the afternoon by the second day. In our great, wisdom, we decided to try and trick the weather gods and […]

President’s Report 2010

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I started climbing in 2000, after attending a going away party at Rockface. It seemed like a great new exercise to add to my repertoire. The problem was, on that first day, I could not get more than a couple of metres off the ground before total panic set in. Why I thought I could […]

AGM Success and New Committee

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Hi All We had a great turnout for the adjourned AGM. Quorum was definitely achieved about twice over, including the proxies (almost half the membership in total!!). Thanks to everyone who made the effort and to those who have taken on committee positions. Please welcome Kylie West, Robin Booth, Tony Brebner, Dave Wauge, Brenton Forrest […]

Macpac 20% discount for CAWA members only

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Well, if there wasn’t already so many good reasons for you to join CAWA, here is another one. Macpac are offering 20% off all Macpac gear exclusively to CAWA members. Don’t forget to take your membership card with you. Macpac 926 Hay St Perth Phone: 08 9481 6215 Dena Rao CAWA President