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Lost World is the ideal beginner crag, only a 12 minute walk from the end of bitumen. The falling ridge of Connoisseur Rocks, 5 minutes further on, offers a number of boulder problems and short routes.


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Peter Sheppard
September 25, 2012

This rock face is only 20m North of my property and everyone (about 5 per day) who goes there goes through our property,ignoring the private property signs,and definitely without our permission. They claim it is marked as National Park or that they have permission from the owners so clearly your Guide book has it wrong. Two weeks ago two climbers were actually in a paddock with our sheep and when asked to leave were less than polite with their response!
Ever an F-you for good measure.

There are also some 20+ cleats and six rope eyelets now anchored into the rock face. I’m sure this is called bolting!

October 18, 2012

For updated access instructions please take a look at the post in the forums


October 26, 2012

There have been complaints about climbers trespassing across 181 Paulls Valley Road (Fern Road Property) on the way to Lost World crag. The northern portion of the property is not fenced and is only partially marked by rope and signs attached to trees.

CAWA obtained exact locations of this property’s boundaries from an inquiry to Landgate. I was then requested to go and mark out an access path which I did today.

The property boundaries are as follows: the western boundary runs in south-to-north direction and follows the western fence of the cleared paddock and then runs from the NW corner of this paddock for a further 200m north to GPS coordinates S31 57’ 11.433” and E116 05’ 33.567”. Site investigation revealed that there is a cairn there, buried in bushes. This location is much further north than the fixed rope or the yellow “Keep Out” signs would indicate. From this cairn, the boundary runs directly east, crossing the creek just 30m south of the first bolted route at the crag Lost World.

Today, a trail was marked out with orange survey tape, using GPS coordinates to stay off the private property while doing so. It runs approx 10m west of the paddock. The track is entirely clear of the private property, is easy to follow, and is not longer than the creek path.

Please do not remove the survey tape. It is ugly and intrusive but it also ensures that no one trespassess and people do not trash the bush while looking for trails. It is temporary and the least-bad option.

Hopefully a track will develop with time and/or everyone will acquire phones with GPS, a new guidebook will reflect this path and hence there will be no need for this tape in the long term. In the meantime we intend to maintain it.

Enjoy Lost World, one of the most accessible bush crags near Perth and still only 800m / 12min walk from the car.


August 24, 2013

Just an update from someone who tried to climb there today, as far as we coukd see there was no flaggiing tape and no path at all. we tried to navigate via gps but still managed ti drift into privare property.

April 5, 2016


Has anyone been there lately?
I was wondering about how well the trail is defined and if there is any marking tape there.

Given the issues that have occurred I am keen to stay off the private property.


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