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Perth’s pocket pulling tiny slice of Verdon!

Numerous problems exist on this 8 metre high craglet and a climber can make things as hard or easy as desired. Do not try leading here as the rock is far too soft, bolts far too insecure and you may drop on some kid’s head.

There are signs at top and bottom banning climbing but there are no reports of climbers being harassed. It appears to be a move driven by understandable public liability worries on the part of the local council. THIS IS NOT MEANT TO BE A CLIMBING WALL. THE LOCAL COUNCIL IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR SAFETY – YOU ARE.


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July 17, 2012

Hi all,

I went here once and woman told me not to climb there because of the sign. I climb for more then 15 years all over the world and I know I can do a safe climbing there! In Perth there is no much paces where we can do some outdoor climbing! And this place has pretty good roots I would love to try! Is there any problem with people climbing there being a experience climber? The police or the Peppermint Grove council can give me a fine if I climb there? Cheers?

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