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    Fabrizio Giorgi

    Hi everyone ( sorry if someone else already write about this, but couldn’t find an topic search option) .
    Be aware of using skinny quickdraws , like the Petzl djinn in the pictures , on boltplates (carrot bolts) becouse they will come off ! That’s right, after you put the plate on the bolt and and draw throu the plate , the all thing comes off the bolt !
    How is it possible ? The end part of the draw ( where the gate is) is not thick enought to trap the bolt head in .
    Look at the picture below :
    Thin Draw and the Plate
    Petzl djinn Quickdraws

    I dont know how many other models of draws have the same problem but if they have a thin section anywhere I would say that they will come off too.

    So what to do if you’ve invested 200 dollars in a set of 12 ( like me)?
    I’ve thikned the plate with fingher tape and that does the job, just don’t use normal tape it will not hold under load and will come off .
    Modified Plate

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    yeah wire-gates too.
    Have to use thick solid gates.
    Can use a nut cable. Slide the nut down put it over the bolt and slide up.
    Also common problem is people put the bolt-plate on upsidedown.
    Nothing’s foolproof. And a lot of bolts are pretty shaky. Though glue in hex head are more reliable than expansion.

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    Fabrizio Giorgi

    why not just put some tape , you can still use the plates with any other draw and is failproof ( bad bolt or bad draw)
    This version here is better Mod Plate

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    yeah tape can work. But make sure you are not putting the bolt plate on upside-down.

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    Yup I agree

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