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    Martin Bull

    I was CAWA treasurer (for my sins) in 1997/8(ish). I left Perth in 1998 to return to the UK where I found fame, fortune and a doctor for my dementia. Feeling a little nostalgic and it would be good to hear from anyone who remembers me.

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    Hi Martin

    I was the neurotic CAWA Secretary who had an opinion on everything (still do). I doubt you have managed to purge me from your memory….

    Are you contemplating returning to the land of sunshine and burglary ? Where in the UK are you ? I’m trying to get a job in London. Email me on, if yer keen.

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    Hi Martin,

    I remember you, and I’m the present CAWA secretary, (not neurotic), (have an opinion on everthing, sometimes even the same as Ross’s), and you may remember me as Wayne.

    How are you going?

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    Kath G

    Hi Martin, it’s been a while huh! Perth is still the same, though your absence has left a vacuum in our climbing-party scene. I still have some great photos of you dressed up for my wild west party, wrestling with a fake snake and trying to scare Mel. Ran into your Ex at Arapiles last year, she happened to be camped next to Geoff. What has been happening in your life? All of your climbing buddies bar Liz have left town. Lizzie has been climbing exceptionally well, going into state and Aust bouldering comps. Are you still climbing?

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    Martin Bull

    Thanks for responses, good to hear from you. I’ve forgotten to check the site, hence the huge delay! Speak to me at and I’ll try to filter you out from all the spam porn emails! – put ‘CAWA’ as the subject – good website by the way. Look forward to hearing from you

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