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    Are there any companies out there who organize climbing tours through south east asia? I’m also looking for a group that is going in that region in january to hook up with. Any takers?

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    Gday Mate,

    Give John Zevgolis a call at Teamworks (08) 9383 7645. He can set you up with some brilliant climbs in Malaysia and Thailand.



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    Didnt notice this post here, I could have helped. In Malaysia i was on Tioman Island, a quite unknown but very rich in climbing. Theres one company called blanks face adventure. But youre better off going to the tourist info centre and looking for a guy named Drabi. Youll need your own shoes and harness. I didnt get to climb there because of the above requirements but the place looked awesome…….or theres always Krabi in thialand.

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    Good day to Australia and New Zealand, hello climber,

    I will come to Australia (Sept. 05 and Jan till July 06) and New Zealand (Oct. 05 till Jan.06) and I like to climb in that time a lot … BUT I have a problem. I am on my own (with a nonclimbing girlfriend)! So I’m looking for some climbing partners in all parts of Australia and New Zealand!

    So … if you like to meet a european climber (Grad +/- 18) or if you have climbingfriends or if you have friends, who know someone who climbs or if you have a friend, who has a friend and the sister of the neighbour of that friend climbs … I am sure you know what I mean 😉

    Feel free to send this email to all people or organisations you know. I’m glad about every contact I can get (even if my girlfriend want be it ;-).

    Do you know some good internet links?

    Do you need perhaps a „Climbing Partner Wanted“-Paper for the pinboard in your climbing gym or your climbingshop? Just write a hello and you will get it …

    Thanks in advance and regards from

    Frank (

    from Germany

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