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    Lianne from England, UK


    I’m from England (Europe), and am asking if you can tell me some Australian brand bouldering brash pads?

    To cut a long story short, a friend of mine sold me her Aussie brand bouldering mat. I lent it to a friend, who lost it in Fontainbleu (France) over Easter. (In case anyone’s found it?)

    Now I am trying to find out what the replacement value would be for them to pay me the money, so I am trying to trace the brand of mat it was. Please can you tell me some Aussie brand mats? Apparently is was a good one, and was small/medium size.



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    Hi Lianne,

    Just read you posting while ironically pricing upads on the net. The only australian pad I know of is the mountain design one, but tools of the adventure produce awsome mats in new zeland. The former is around 300 the latter i dont know but reckon its going to cost more.

    good luck


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    Cheers I’ll have a look at those 2.

    Ta muchly 🙂

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