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    NEW BD VOLUNTARY RECALL 14th April 2016

    Voluntary recall for inspection of Black Diamond Easy Rider and Iron Cruiser Via Ferrata lanyard sets, Index Ascenders, Camalots™ and Camalot™ Ultralights

    From Black Diamond:

    Salt Lake City, Utah (April 14, 2016) – We are a company of climbers. For more than 25 years, manufacturing climbing equipment has been the centerpiece of our company and an expression of our mission to build innovative product of exceptional quality for our global community of users.

    In 2014, we began the process of repatriating our manufacturing to Salt Lake City, Utah from Zhuhai, China. We are proud to bring our manufacturing operations back to the United States. We did this to fulfill our ongoing mission: to design, engineer and build world-class climbing equipment.

    We recently uncovered quality issues with a very low percentage of our carabiners manufactured in the United States. For Black Diamond, this is unacceptable. As a result, we initiated a comprehensive quality audit of our manufacturing operations.

    Today, we are issuing a voluntary recall for inspection of Easy Rider and Iron Cruiser Via Ferrata lanyard sets, Index Ascenders, Camalots™ and Camalot™ Ultralights. This is in addition to previously announced recalls of select carabiners and nylon runners.

    The number of affected units found is extremely small and no incidents or injuries have been reported. As an example, tens of thousands of Camalots™ have been produced in our Salt Lake City factory since repatriation, and we have found only one unit that did not meet our critical quality requirements.

    Nonetheless, our legacy of excellence and commitment to the climbing community compels us to take extraordinary measures to ensure products in the field meet all necessary safety requirements.

    As a company of climbers, we know the paramount importance of trusting your equipment. We are proactively mobilizing our entire global organization to ensure the quality of our product. You can expect that we will do this with rigor, honesty and transparency.

    If you or anyone you know use the Black Diamond products mentioned, please follow the self-inspection and recall procedures outlined in the links below:




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