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    looking to start a small group of people who like climbing or want to start (beg myself). Climb on Thursday night at Hangout then catch a drink after at local pub.

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    John Knight

    You’re in luck, apart from the beginner side of things. There’s always a grou pon Wednesday and Thursdays, although there’s different people.

    Just get the other boulderers to teach you some basic technique and you’ll be amazed where you go from there. And lots of quantity really helps! 🙂

    I’m turning up this Thursday night, although I’m usually a Wednesday night guy (Dad’s taping Kath and Kim, hehe).

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    Yeah there’s generally a group of us on the front bouldering wall (or sitting on the couches staring at it!)- we’re at all different levels and are happy to give you some pointers or set some boulder problems for you. Just come and say hi, we’re a friendly group!

    We’re also there on Mondays if that works for you too- training two days a week is strongly recommended if you’re trying to improve.

    See you Thursday and same to you John!

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    Yeah,Got Own Gear Lead And TOp Roping.Im Looking forPartner Too. Um.. Churchies IS ok,WOuld Also Like TO Do Some training Indoor Every Second Week.Grades16-20.Im pete anyway


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