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    Does anyone know where I could get some Black Diamond C4 cams resling ?


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    Hi Francois. If this is for the wiring then no idea, I would also be interested. If this is for the tape sling then cheap way to do it is cut off the old tatty one and push a 30cm sling through the hole and clip both ends. Alternatively a 7mm cord double-threaded through the hole will do: you can either clip both loops or just one, this makes it \”extendable\”. I am using this on my ancient #2 camalot and have not killed myself yet 🙂

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    Hi Ross,

    It is not for the wire, it is for the sling. I had read this which makes me want to have it done as it is originally done. I know the test has been done by BD and might not be completely objective. I also know that during most of my falls, I probably do not reach such loads. But I do not want to take the risk and want to fall serenely.


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    Hey Francois

    I believe Ferno perform this task, not 100% certain though. Give them a call on 9353 2300 and see.

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    The link is interesting and discusses an issue that I was not familiar with, thanks, Francois. The C4 I refitted with a cord is of the old type (pre 2004) with a steel eye, not with the wire loop, so does not suffer from this failure mode. I am not impressed with BOD for redesigning with a “weight saving feature” which then makes it so painful to change a sling properly!! Do they think we only keep cams for 5 years? Or that ex-US users like us will fork out a fortune to send the things to Salt Lake City to be re-slung? As an engineer, I see this as a design flaw (driven by a want to save some grams in weight). BD should go back to the original eye design. And while they are at it, they should redesign the way the wires attach to the trigger, because they tend to pop out (after a few years of use). Mine are held on with copper wire….

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    Hey there,

    Height Dynamics in Brisbane can resling cams.

    Also, you can buy replacement trigger kits. If a store doesn’t have them they can order it in.


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    A positive note…

    BD charges only $5 per CAM sling replacement if you live in the US. But it gets better, BD actually services camalots free of charge to international customers. For example, it cost me about $40 to ship a quasi full set of C4s to Salt Lake City and I got them back free of any charges within 3 weeks. Visit blackdiamondequipment dot com and follow specific instructions under customer service > warranty/repair

    Height Dynamic quoted me $30.5 PER CAM resling + $35 shipping. Also note that their supplier confirmed that they DON’T sew the double loop in the sling and can only do their best to match standard BD sling colours.

    I think Dr Phil at the Arapiles Mountain Shop, Natimuk (VIC) re-wire cams for $12 to $20. Scotty Dog in QLD is another CAM re-wire option.

    All the best, Remi.

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