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    Michael Law

    I’ve put together a 50kN hydraulic pull ram for testing anchors, helped by a few groups including mainpeak, so I’d like to ship it over to WA next year for 2 months.

    I started this due to the poor rock in the Blue Mountains NSW, I think your Southern limestone might be interesting too.

    Theer are a few rules, don’t destroy yourself (there’s a lot of energy invovled), don’t destroy real climbs (pulling a good bolt will proabably result in rock damage), write up the rsults in a way which are useful for other testers, and ship it on the next user.

    I rarely test on cliffs, a flat slab is much easier and safer to test a stringh of anchors on. Most of the testing is shear testing, but I I have a rig to test outwards also.

    I’d also like to test trad gear in real placements, get a few people to place gear and all to rate all the gear out of 10 and see how much it actually holds, I suspect experienced people might be better and placing and more accurate at assessing than noobs, and cams might be a bit variable too.

    There are a lot of pictures on Chockstone

    If you’re keen, email me on

    mlx at



    email does not work


    Michael Law

    Email doesn’t work because I can’t spell, sorry

    mlx at

    It’s a beautiful day here at work, at lunch I’ll check out some local cliffs to find somewhere to place and test 20 trad pieces.


    michael law

    Rig is ready to go to WA if there are enouigh interested people

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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