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    Hi Everyone!

    I’ve been watching the debate about bolting (‘Re-bolting of “Morning Glory” at Stathams’) with considerable interest.

    As a CAWA committee member and assistant editor of the Western Climber, I would like to write up an article for the next issue giving all sides of the debate.

    Are people happy if I use their comments?

    Even better, are people willing to think about their stance and write up something?

    It seems to me that this discussion has basically two sub-discussions – (a) what is the safest type of bolting?; and (b) issues to do with the climbing ethics. Under this second point I then see that there are basically three general positions that people are taking – (1) minimal (visual) impact bolting; (2) P-bolts are the only way to go; and (3) depends on the circumstances what you use.

    If people are willing to write up their point of view and then email it to me at then that would be really great.

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    Yeah go on…..good for a laugh!

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    Hi Phillip, you can use my comments, my views are mostly there. Basically I like fixed hangers/Pbolts in quarries for lower-off convenience but glued-in hexes are fine there too. In natural areas I like only glued-in hexes because of visual impact and also access implications, to me nature is about adventure and not convenience. That’s where I am today. Regards.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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