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    John boy

    We mostly use ramset spin in capsules down south and have put hundreds in with never an issue but we used a batch from maxim one day at west cape and a mate of mine jumared out of a line he was equipping and said one bolt blow out of the rock and flew past his head at speed I thought he was winding me up as we do down here but as I was placing a bolt for a belay for one of my lines I saw a puff of smoke and it spat the bolt out not at speed but pushed it out.most strange.

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    a Numbat

    Can’t wait to we see the new routes that needed hundreds of bolts. *cough*

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    John boy

    Don’t be like that those routes were done by a heap of guys over many years and many posted.I thought numbats were cute friendly critters that does not describe you at all.

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    a Numbat

    Sorry that might have come across a bit rough with the *cough*.
    I am all for new stuff and respect the work it takes.

    But 100s bolts seems a bit high even including the crag that shall not be named. Although there is naff all of that glue there compared to the pink stuff.

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    John boy

    No prob I wasn,t that offended.100s does seem high but true and your right we are guilty of having a few secret crags under our belt . we have taken a few guys in but when they see how pristine we keep them and the good relationship we have with local rangers they get why we keep it quiet.happy to show you if you get down this way but I warn you there are a few body eating offwiths.

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    Dena Rao

    Hi John

    Thanks for trying to start a useful thread. Just wondering if you have contacted the manufacturer yet? It would be very helpful to have their response posted here.

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    John boy

    I did talk to the maxim sales rep who is a mate of my brother in law who owns the hardware I bought them from (small town I know)he down played it telling me they were past there shelf life or it was a bad batch.they were well within there shelf life and the fluid in them was still moving a good sign.i going back to ramset capsules and will allways wear eye protection from now on or would still be picking shards of glass out of my eyeballs

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