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    Eye in the Skye

    Oi, where’s me next Western Climber you committee bums?

    There’s only been one mag and one trip this year.

    And why change the format of the climbing comp when last year’s was such a great success?

    And why don’t any of the shops have the 2002 CAWA guide any more?

    No 500 word replies please, action will do nicely.

    There is 10 of you listed on this site…

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    Western Climber next week. Editor’s boss just spat it, and the editor is filling other people’s shoes as well as his own. Trips, another in two weeks. It’s not just committee members who can organise trips. Anyone can, and if you look at the website, they do all the time, (just not official). You, my eye are quite capable of organising a trip yourself. It’s not necessary to be on committee to do it. The only normal trip missed this year, was Kalbarri, but people still went. And had a good time in spite of the rain.

    Lastly. This present committee is made up of some of the busiest people on the planet.

    If you see a hole not being filled, there’s a probably a reason for it, why not put your hand. Take on organising one trip yourself.

    Example. Rogaines. If only WARA committee members ran Rogaines, there wouldn’t be any. Example, The No Bolts Bouldering Competition is being organised by people not on committee. They are getting all the help we can give them, but they are doing it. Brilliant init.

    Is that 500 words yet.

    What we need is a climbing community that does stuff, and a committee that makes it possible,and guess what, we actually have. Only the level varies.


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    Hi Eye,

    Well perhaps trying climbing for a day in the Editor’s Boreals and see how far you get. The editor is a very busy fellow, and it is certainly no lack of will that means Western Climber will be coming this week, rather than a couple of months ago (there are very good reasons for this).

    As Toc says, everyone needs to be active for things to get done, and CAWA just like the WA Rogaining Association has this need as well. So get involved, or zip it up.

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    Old Fart

    Why change the format of the climbing comp?

    In the past I thought it was unfair and I think this year’s will be much fairer. Because of this I never bothered to enter.

    The reason for this was that, as a bit of an Old Fart who has been climbing for about 20 years, my climbing grades are starting to decrease. At the same time I’m a very experienced climber and shudder at some of the unsafe climbing I often see from new climbers.

    Anyway, under the old rules, if I entered the comp I’d probably end up in ‘C’ division climbing with the 16 year old rug-rats that have been climbing for three weeks. And they would probably win, simply because they are fitter, not better climbers than me. But take them out on rock and see what happens…

    Now that the rules have changes so that I will be competing against people of similar arthritic ability, I might just enter!

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    As a previous employee of one of the outdoor stores in Perth, I could hazard a guess that the lack of CAWA guides is likely to be the result of them not ordering stock. Not sure how you feel you can blame CAWA for that.

    I don’t think it’s up to CAWA to go walking around ramming the guide down their throat.

    All of the stores are happy to get stock in for you if you simply ask. Especially as you know exactly what you want.

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    Thats assuming they have paid their bills danny

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    And I thought Elvis was dead! You have a point 🙂

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    Yeah, get your act together guys. “Why should Martin friend give a s@#t?”, I hear you think, well, despite living in Canberra for the moment, I do care because as I bumble around this sterile place trying to find ineresting people to associate with (sometihng I have failed to do in 2 years of living here) I think back on how great CAWA was when I was around. Now I think it is a real shame to see what was such a highly active club with many great people involved reduced to little more than a political platform for keeping crags open. Plus I might just back there in the near future and I would love to find what I left behind. So come on guys, get into it!

    If nothing else I’m sure I’ve stirred up some contraversy… but I do mean what I said.


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    hi Marty, a lot of us are still here. The website isn’t a reflection of cawa. It’s a place for people who talk a lot. hello to the canberrans, Gemma? Sonja?.

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    G’day Richard. Good to hear that it’s not as bad as it sounds. Don’t know where Gemma and Sonia are these days. For all I know they don’t even live here anymore. I don’t intend to be here myself in 12 months from now. Keep on keeping on.


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