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    Brett Dennis

    Am interested in the CAWA Kalbarri Trip, just need to know a few details so I can make plans.

    *Approx cost?

    *Transport arrangements?

    *If transport is hire bus, likely departure & return times of the aforementioned.

    *Intended camping arrangments (prefer to bivy in gorge).

    Be very keen to come along and caress some Tumbledbygod Sandstone, excellent time of year for it!!



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    Great to see some interest in the Kalbarri trip.

    CAWA used to organise a minibus in times gone past however there is unlikely to be one this year. Various people will be driving up and others will require lifts. If you let me know what your status I will be trying to coordinate some transport.

    Costs are individual and include;



    tent site or cabin

    CALM park fees

    I will advise as to which caravan park we will be staying at shortly.

    See the News section of this site for further details.

    I can be emailed at



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    Any people thinking of going to Kalbarri please come to Rockface at 7pm Thursday 27 May. Dinah will be there and we can all coordinate.

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    Good day to Australia and New Zealand, hello climber,

    I will come to Australia (Sept. 05 and Jan till July 06) and New Zealand (Oct. 05 till Jan.06) and I like to climb in that time a lot … BUT I have a problem. I am on my own (with a nonclimbing girlfriend)! So I’m looking for some climbing partners in all parts of Australia and New Zealand!

    So … if you like to meet a european climber (Grad +/- 18) or if you have climbingfriends or if you have friends, who know someone who climbs or if you have a friend, who has a friend and the sister of the neighbour of that friend climbs … I am sure you know what I mean 😉

    Feel free to send this email to all people or organisations you know. I’m glad about every contact I can get (even if my girlfriend want be it ;-).

    Do you know some good internet links?

    Do you need perhaps a „Climbing Partner Wanted“-Paper for the pinboard in your climbing gym or your climbingshop? Just write a hello and you will get it …

    Thanks in advance and regards from

    Frank (

    from Germany

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