Cheap Chalk?

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    Where is the best place to keep my costs down on chalk? Is some chalk better than others?

    I’ve seen this stuff on ebey, comes in a block of 60g or 120g. But its a block? What do you do with blocks? Are they like a hard ball or do you cut it with a hammer?

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    Chalk blocks are really easy to break into bits, no need for a hammer, just break it in your hands. As far as good vs. bad chalk- I’ve never got ‘bad chalk’ but I think that’s just a personal thing as I’ve heard others complain about really slippery chalk! Hangout sells loose chalk in little bags and it works well for me.

    I go with a refillable chalk ball (bought it at Rockface for $8) cos I don’t use nearly as much chalk that way, and don’t spill any, and it gives me enough chalk. You can put loose chalk in there or bits broken off of block chalk.

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    Thanks Di,

    I’ve used someone’s ball for one wall. They didn’t like it (and neither did I). But I’m very new and could have been doing something wrong. I just found you had to get the ball out hit your hands together with it, which was a big much for my arms when I got to the top of my 17 indoor wall (hehe, only made one 17 so far).

    So rockface’s stuff is ok? They have some bugjet stuff and some chalk in a resealable plastic container. I was just not sure if i can go the cheap chalk and not worry about it.



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    It’s worth a try, I haven’t bought chalk at Rockface for ages.

    Re: the chalk balls, when they’re over-full I have a hard time getting chalk out of them as well. I fill mine to about 3/4 full and to get chalk out I just give it a squeeze. But then I’m not overly sweaty! I like to have a light covering of chalk on my hands, that’s all. Really it only helps if you’re slipping off of holds, so I try not to use it much on easier stuff.

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