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    michelle sloan


    theres a mob of great climbs up/down (depending where your from) at cave hill which is located off the Hyden/Norsman RD. its a bloody long way from perth but from what i can tell the caving and bouldering there are great and well worth the trip.

    if ya wont more info e-mail me and i will give u all the info we have.

    Cave hill is along the Holland Track so if u are contemplating in going u will need a 4X4



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    Rob Wall

    How long are the routes? What is the rock like? Where exactly is it?

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    michelle sloan

    i cant really estimate how big the routs r exactly @ cavehill but the rocks are mainly granit.

    the crimps (i dont really know what u would call it) are pretty tight on some of the bouldering probs. i tried 2 get the GPS location but couldn’t find it (it was written down) but to narrow it down i’ll just say

    its in the middle of no where.

    i’ll get back 2 u asap with the GPS location.

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    To M Sloane, is that Cave Hill south of Coolgardie?

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