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    Hey climbing folk, Wondering if anyone coud help me please.
    I am designing a rockwall for a public park and am looking for bolts that are not easily removable (by vandals). But still can be moved for re preogramming route..
    I have heard you can get bolts that come with a special tool that is used to remove/ tighten.. Does anyone know of where these can be sourced.


    Gyms use Hex bolts.
    I have seen in the park Tamper Proof Torx bolts used on those giant net playground things.
    Torx are a star like pattern and the tamper proof design has a pin in the centre of the hole to make it harder for someone to undo it without the right tool.



    Give A & M Bolts in Bassendean a call, see if they can help you out.



    Where is this rockwall going to be ????



    Hi Wren. Try Austain fasteners in Belmont or Coventry Fasteners.

    There are Hex Socket with a centre pin or the Torx with the pin.

    I assume that the wall will be built according to AS 2316.1-2009?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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