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    Hi All,

    I am currently looking at options for climbing insurance for Canada and the USA.

    I am after a cover for sport climbing, trad, mountaineering, ice-climbing, etc. I’ve used Insure4less on previous climbing trips, but they don’t offer their Alpine cover (which would be the level required) for Canada and the USA.

    I am having issues finding an appropriate level of insurance coverage through any other providers. Would anyone have any suggestions of companies to try based on their recent experience of finding insurance for climbing in Canada/USA?

    Thanks in advance 🙂

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    Hi Em

    This must be a very recent development because I had their alpine cover on my recent trip to Canada in August, having previously used it in Europe. As mentioned in another post, I had issues with their service before I left Australia so I am working on trying to source insurance from another provider. It’s taking a while and I can’t say at this stage when and if it will be available.

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    Thanks Dena! Yeah I am not sure when they changed their policy, but it says on their website they don’t offer the Alpine Cover in Canada and USA. Must be fairly recent. I might get in contact anyway just to see why they don’t offer it anymore.

    I will keep an eye out for any updates on an insurance provider.


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    Most likely reason will be high value claims being made.

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    Info for anyone heading to Canada in the need of climbing insurance.

    Insure4less has told me that because of the higher cost of medical care in Canada and USA, they are no longer providing alpine climbing insurance for Canada and USA. They also said they had to pay a claim for a climbing incident and no longer want to provide alpine cover for those areas. A bit disappointing. It looks as if you are only covered if you purchase their standard plan and are top roping or bouldering…

    I seems that you can get climbing insurance as a foreigner for climbing in Canada through the Alpineclubofcanada .ca.

    Global rescue may also be an alternative to insure4less.

    Hope this info helps anyone needing insurance.

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