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    hi, I’m looking for someone to climb/ boulder indoor and/ or outdoor with my 14 YO son. he’s keen, but a beginner still. We’ll be going outdoors around Perth fairly often and come to Rockface at least once a week often on CAWA night. Also planning on the Willys climb in December!

    contact me on 9337 2097 if you’re interested please! thanks, cheers


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    John Knight

    I’d be careful on the net, especially with a 14 year old son, as paedophiles lurk around anywhere on the net.

    The ‘Plan a Trip’ section ought to be good for this though. I’m a keen boulderer and do Boulder Rock trips every so often.

    If he visits the website occasionally, keep an eye out for the outings to places like Mountain Quarry and Boulder Rock, I tend to do a Boulder Rock trip every month or two, and anyone’s welcome to join us. 🙂

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    Mmmm…I don’t think any weirdos (other than climbing ones) lurk here, John.

    Rockface on Thursday nights or the CAWA gym crashes are a good place to start. There is a fair few young guys in gyms and it is not too hard for an enthusiastic newbie to hook up with some group.

    And climbing is the coolest sport after all.

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    John Knight

    They wouldn’t lurk here, I don’t know if these posts are on google, but if so, all they’d have to search for is ‘young boy’ or something like that. Nothing to do with the place, just the medium.

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    thanks for the concern John. I would like to point out that my partner and I both climb and are looking for a young person to go out with us 3. I would not EVER consider letting my son go out with a stranger without my supervision.

    and thanks Ross for the info on Thurs. gym nights- we do often go there.



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    Im 22 and looking for a climbing buddy. Im new to perth, over from the uk til february, and would love the opportunity to go climbing. i know im not as young as your son, but im very nice, honest.

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