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    John Knight

    G’day all!

    I’ve only just recently biught climbing magazines, so I don’t have a good back reference, but I’m after prices for crash pads and can’t seem to find them on shop websites like MainPeak and Mountain Designs, would anyone be able to tell me where I can buy the things?

    I’m assuming htat you don’t just cart a whopping great mattress everywhere and there are specialist things, right? 😉





    Try the outdoor stores like Paddy Pallin, Mountain Designs, Mainpeak, Snowgum. Give them a phone call. I haven’t tried to buy a crash pad but I know you can get them locally and have seen one for sale at the Rockface climbing gym.


    John Knight

    Aha, cheers for that, I haven’t seen them on the online catalogues, but I suppose I could always resort to the phone. 😉 I’ll have a ring around and then try rockface.

    Cheers again!


    Michael Webb

    Prob a bit late to help you now, but this may help someone else.

    We have been giving the “Direct hit” ($299 or cheaper with aliance) by mountain designs an absolute flogging. Dragging it through twigy scrub, over crystal granite, limestone shale.

    It suffered through many 2-4 metre falls, where as my ankles and knees did not.

    I have heard of some issues with shoulder straps undoing themselves, but we all know how to double back on buckles now, don’t we?

    The printed target gives me a little chuckle when I look down check my spotter


    John Knight

    Glad you reminded me, old chap! We found a fantastic…. supplement! Doing any of you have a daggy old 70s caravan, or a friend, or relly perhaps?

    They have matresses with a very dense foam and they’re lovely to fall on! They worked a charm at boulder rock a few weeks back (and hopefully tomorrow’s trip). Plus there’s usually about 4-6 a caravan, huzzah!


    John Knight

    That should be, “do any of you” by the way. 🙂

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