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    Mike (R)

    I forget which is which but I am keen to head out to one of these areas. The one that has Front Bum V2 among other things. there was talk of a mini guide to this area a few years ago but it never got put up. It seemed like you had to mountain bike down to the areas from near Waly’s. Is this true? I’d like to check it out and maybe put up some new stuff soon. The old nearmaps links i used to have don’t work anymore.

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    Gday Mike,

    Front Bum is at Eldorado. We never got around to making any guides,

    So access; its easiest to ride in with pads (or a very very long walk), from one of the gates on the road to Walyunga. It might be possible to drive in but all the access roads are gated. maybe its changed though, I haven’t been out there in a few years.

    I’ll have a look at sat maps and find the locations for you.


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    Mike (R)

    Eldorado it is. Thanks Seth. I remember you talking about a mini guide a few years ago. You also put up a few of the Waly’s problems right? snake That I think? That would be great if you sent me the location again. My old near,ap account isn’t working but I’m keen to explore or repeat stuff. I have another spot that might yield some good problems too.

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    This is the link to show Eldorado (hopefully it works…).,116.084072,206m/data=!3m1!1e3

    The dark shadowy cliff band is the main part of the area. We have also climbed quite a few lines on the boulders between the road to the right and this cliff band.

    Due to laziness we never got back out to tick a few stellar lines. There are a couple of awesome highballs on the main cliff that need more pads to protect them than we took out. Very cool lines though.

    Another feature that haunts me is the steep 45 degree face to the right of Front BUm that actually has holds on it! The problem is the landing is decidedly dodgy and needs some serious landscaping/platform building to be safe. The holds on the face also look fragile so some careful cleaning is necessary. To top it off the top out is guarded by a big flake of a shield on the lip of the boulder that may or may not be safe. If it came off while you were topping out then very serious injury would result. A bit of tempering with a crow bar might sort it out though. Awesome line waiting to happen though.

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    Mike (R)

    Great, thanks for the info. Hey, I have a pad and my friend Matt has two or three. If you brought one and had a friend bring one maybe we could get a good landing on that highball with the 45 degree angle. Dunno if you still boulder much but it would be fun to get a bigger crew going out soon, like in a couple weeks (I’m trying to get a little finger strength back.

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