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    carrot climber

    Hi everyone,

    Last weekend I used RE-500 and as you can imagine, mess was everywhere around. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my old rope and used a quite new one (it’s really frustrating to discover you don’t have old rope after driving 200km). So the question is: do you know how the RE-500 interacts with the rope? On the pack there is info that this glue is aggressive. Thanks in advance.

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    Friend of Numbat

    Not at good idea.

    Maybe practice at home next time so you don’t make a mess of your rope and the crag. Or go back to using carrots.

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    Considering drawing a half way mark on your rope with a texta can be enough to fail your rope, I would not be taking any chances

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    On the pack there is info that this glue is aggressive. :O

    I don’t know anything about RE-500, but I reckon life is worth much more than a couple hundred bucks!

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    carrot climber

    I’m more curious about using that rope for rebolting. Even my IQ is not 130 i’m not going to use it for leading. Thanks for any advice.


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    We can tell you it’s fine or not fine but it’s really up to an individual to decide what they feel safe/comfortable with. Yes, the glue is aggressive and yes we know that ropes are affected by chemical contamination. In this particular case, has it damaged the rope to the point it’s unsafe? None of us can say until we’ve tested it out. It’s a risk you may or may not be prepared to take. Ask yourself, what would Stallone do?

    However – if someone else wants to use the rope, make sure you make them aware that the rope has had glue on it and they can make that decision themselves. We all do stuff that others may not be comfortable with and vise versa.

    And check there’s no one below you while you’re using it cause you might land on them!

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    Hey CC I always use two ropes for bolting, it feels much more bomber. Similar to a rope access tech set up. You have a working rope and a back up rope which is good if you want to hang the drill etc off an ascender and get on a solo tr and work sections of the route. why not use your contaminated rope as your back up rope and isolate the glue affected part with an alpine butterfly.

    its an art – not a thrash and dangle.

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