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    John Knight

    My shoulder and a few ligaments are knackered from the comp, I can’t climb for several weeks! What do I do? Ahhhhhh! Life aint worth livin’! 😉

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    Hi john,

    So whats the problem with your shoulder? i apparently have a swolen subacromedial bursa or something like that. Ive been seeing a physio in melb (as ive recently relocated to perth for 3 months) however want to keep the treatment up so i can get back climbing again. are you seeing a physio or anyone? can you recomend any decent sports physios as really i know of no one over here as yet.



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    John Knight

    I didn’t get any technical terms off of him (he said ’em but I didn’t take ’em down, I should make a note though). He’s a very good chiropractor in Apllecross called Micheal French. He’s recmmended from all over the joint and we travel amlkost an hour just to see the guy (you should see the amount of awards on his walls)!

    I can grab his number if you like, in the meantime, I should get a re-sole while I’m not actually climbing!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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