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    Tyrone C.

    Hey all (mainly Jay),

    Dont know if it’s the dyno project at Kamikaze Boulders has been sent by anyone else yet but yesterday when we were out there Elliot Vercoe toped it out. If no one else has done it yet he gave it V5 and decided to name it “Funky Tonight”.

    Hope you guys are enjoying the season!

    Crush on!

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    Tyrone C.

    Ignore the “it’s” at the start of my post, grammatical error!

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    Mike (R)

    Hey Tyrone, have you got a guide to Kamikaze?

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    Mike (R)

    or directions?

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    Jean-Marc gething

    Hey bros I sent it in the 17th of May very fun problemo though!


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    Hi guys I am in the process of getting the guide on this sight.

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    Mike (R)

    Awesome Jay! Thanks. Went out to Dreaded on thurs and tried Inner Vision. Phew. Can’t figure that one out. Was that one of yours? Working on some new ones there and will try to find Eldorado soon too. Front Bum looks fun. Excited to hit Kamikaze too.

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    Mike (R)

    Is this guide still coming?

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    The guide has been sent to CAWA, as you all know this is run by volunteers, if it’s not happening fast enough feel free to put your hand up and pitch in to be a committee member.

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    Mike (R)

    So the guide has been sent to CAWA but not put up yet? Two weeks later? I’d volunteer but I’m not in the country very often. Who wrote the guide and would they be willing to just email it to me directly? I keep checking back to see if it’s up yet and didn’t want to bug people but it shouldn’t take long to just upload it onto the website right? I wouldn’t mind but I’m leaving the country again in a couple weeks.
    thanks for all the work you do (whoever).

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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