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    Bruce Hart

    Sat 29th May

    Up for the weeekend from Albany, I was climbing at Churchman’s Brook (between 12 and 4) with some friends. — not sure of the name of the climb but left of pink knickers…

    Any way when i returned to the top where i left most of my gear, it was missing- stolen! I didn’t of the area as a theft risk area and the only other people there were climbers (4 or 5 other groups)… However somebody has helped themselves to my gear (and left everything else incuding my wallet..) which leaves me rather unhappy (trying not to use offensive language).

    So, if you were there i was wondering if anyone else noticed any suspicious looking behaviour, etc.- HELP!

    Also if any one sees/hears of any gear being offered for sale soon please keep an eye out for me.

    I lost about $700 worth of gear (all about/up to 3/4 months old!!)


    Set Wild Country RocK Centrics (Hexes)

    Set- Omega Nuts(size 3-13)

    Some small HB nuts

    8 Quck draws

    plus more.

    You can also contact me on my email adress below:

    Thanks, Bruce

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    Bruce, I was climbing around the same time and I didnt notice anything suspicious; although as I approached the car park after walking up the hill I heard a sound like someone slinking away into the bush (may have just been a roo)

    There were two young boys walking down the dirt road as I arrived at Churchmans at around 12:15pm.

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    Also, cars have been broken into at the Churchman’s carpark. Leave nothing of value inside cars either. Keep a close eye on people loitering in the area. With a new residential estate nearby, the exposure of this crag has increased and local bogans (climbing wannabees) now think that climbers can be easy pickings.

    I guess a full set of hexes is bound to draw attention anywhere these days so these guys will be easy to spot. If anyone sees people with such a set, take licence plate number of their vehicle or get names from info in their wallets and contact Bruce.

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    Just an open letter to the thieves,

    You’ve caused immense distress and taken something from Bruce’s world. But we all live in this world, including you.

    If you want to live in a world where your own stuff is safe, then you have to start with yourself. If everybody decided, “I want a world with no thieves, so I won’t steal,” there’d be no theft, and your own possessions would be safe as well. Yeah I know, I’m a bit of an idealist, but how about you make the world a better place and return Bruce’s gear.


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    Also, climbing on stolen gear is very bad karma. Keep that in mind when you’re teetering 5m above a stolen hex.

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