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    Does anyone out there have any general training hints, tricks or routines they use when you dont have easy acsess to a decent training wall….

    situps, pushups, chinups, yoga, pilates?

    how often and how much for continued growth and improvement?

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    John Knight

    I have a daily routine (which I’m not allowed to do at the moment until I heal).

    The important thing to remember is that most of you strength is coming from your triceps, so the bicep curling stuff that gym junkies (not the climbing type though) is pretty uch useless to you.

    I start out on a walk and a few minutes later, I reach my chinup bar. I do 10 chinups with palms out, then walk off for another ten minutes to re-oxygenate and loosen up. Then I come back to the bar and do 10 chinups with pamls in.

    When I geet back home, if I can be bothered, I do 20 pushups. This’ll give you real campus confidence.

    If you’re having trouble with chinups (doing ten anyway), I’m ona herbal treatment for my illness which thankfully gives me pulling power. The secret is ginseng, just go to your local oriental mart, they’ll fix you up! 😉

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    the biceps a equaly important if you do not train opposite muscle groups you can crush your RC tendons and get some nasty rsi or tennis elbow the list goes on,

    train for power with a set of hard moves in fast repitions with more rests

    do this once a week at first then when you are fit enough twice a week DO NOT OVER TRAIN FOR POWER AS YOU CAN HURT YOUR SELF., and endurance is gained by doing more repititions of easy moves and do them untill you cant do any more then reduce your weigt and continue the process,remember to have rest days inbetween training and climbing days this allows gains to be made, if you don’t rest enough your strengh will decline no matter how hard you train.

    also if you are training for your style or technique do not do it tierd as this will ruin your good technique and replace it with a bad one.AND REMEMBER THE BEST TRAINING FOR CLIMBING IS CLIMBING.cheers i hope this helps

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    John Knight

    Ah yes, Steve’s pointed out some bad explaining on my part. It’s never a good idea to overtrain one particular muscle group and ignore the others. I was referring to the bicep curling iron pumping that people who oil themselves do, being not too useful.

    I find that pumping iron isn’t nearly as useful as simple body-weight training on a chinup bar. Easy and importantly, free! 😉

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