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    Small disappointing rant.

    How does rock face and City Summit justify the 18$ entry fee.. that is just crazy. and 90 p/m membership is extortion too.

    And how are people paying for this, for them to obviously continue charging that..

    I generally go to the Hangout, as i like it there. But just thought today i would change it up a little, try something different and closer to home. Guess not!

    What’s everyones experience with UA, the pictures on the website make it look like a nice setup.



    Carl – easy. Try to do any indoor sport for 2 hours and see how much it costs. $18 for climbing is a bargain. There are lower cost options: CAWA membership and Blackwall Reach. Urban Ascent is fine for climbing, bouldering is limited.



    And CAWA membership will also get you discounts on merchandise in the gyms and outdoor stores. Bargain!



    I recently bought a sling from the Rockface gym and did not get a discount. I was told no CAWA discounts are given on gear purchases.



    Urban ascent is pretty good. It was awesome that they have an indoor foam wall to practice ice climbing on. Just a bummer that you can’t use your own axes on it. The lead climbs are good too! Bouldering is minimal, however there are not many people on the Boulder at any one time, so it works out well.

    UA is worth checking out.



    You can join the uwa outdoor club as well, you can get discounted entry, access to their extensive paddling equipment and ten percent Rosie’s on Wednesday night bargain!


    Dena Rao

    Spange, I’ve sent you an email.

    Just to clarify, CAWA members should receive a 10% discount on full priced merchandise at RF if a current member card is presented. If you have any issues, then ask to speak to the manager on duty. Sometimes new staff may not have been advised.

    Dena Rao
    CAWA President

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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