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    I had a hairy situation this weekend where my safety was greatly increased by a grigri.

    I was climbing at Mountain Quarry with some friends this Saturday afternoon, when we witnessed a very nasty fall (

    At the time of the fall I was a the top of a climb just starting to be lowered off. We were using a Peltz Grigri 2 that I had just purchased the day before. Both my belayer and I saw the body tumbling down nearby. Shortly after, my belayer started fainting and collapsed. Everyone was so shocked by the fall that I had difficulty to get through to someone to assist my belayer. Meanwhile, I was very very glad for that grigri. My belayer didn’t loose consciousness and he kept a hold on the rope, but I don’t know that he could have held the tension on the usual friction device.

    I have suddenly become a big fan of the grigri.


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