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    I moved to the pilbara from Scotland nearly 4 years ago and have not been climbing in that time, speaking to my  climbing buddies back home recently I’ve  just realized how much I’ve missed my climbing and need to get involved again. I live in Newman in the middle of nowhere, however with access to karijini and there are certainly other crags around here. What I would like to know is are there any guidebooks of routes and crags or does anyone have any experience up here to send me in the right direction as locally I have met no climbers or seen-evidence of any climbing, chalk, bolts etc. Look forward to hearing any local knowledge or experience or of any publications with worthwhile crags, boulders or routes.




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    Hey Richie

    Try West Australia Rock it has some routes in it for Newman 🙂

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    Thanks Rob I’ll have a look at it






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    Hi Rithie, I know how you feel! Ive Just returned from my home town of Qtown NZ and Climbed solid for a month, it was Gold.

    Im based in Karratha, Ive set up a number of crag style sport routes around here, and there are few sea cliffs around that can be trad climbed, Karajini is good but the Ranger loves giving out fines. Ive heard Newman Has some good routes so must be something around.

    If you cant find a belayer, just top rope it and use a shunt, Keeps you well in the game while living in this seemingly climber-less region

    Cheers john





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    Thanks John

    I’ll give you a buzz when I get a chance to get back to Karratha, right now I’m sniffing around here to see what I can find. If I come up with anything worthwhile I’ll post it here.




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    Hey Richie, ive just moved up here and am doing some work out at Juna Downs which is just near you, if you what someone to head out into Karijini or Newman to try and find something id be keen, we have most sundays of here and id love to get out for a climb.


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    Hey guys, anyone near karratha available to do some climbing lessons??? I’m doing a course next yea that involves a bi of climbing but I would like some experience before hand!

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    Sorry my name is Caleb,


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