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    Rhys James

    just thought that i should share this with you all, as it was an eye opener for me…..

    the sunday just gone (19.2.12), i got up early and went to my mates house for a bouldering session in his back shed. as i was alone, i decided to only do routes that i knew, and ones that i had climbed a few times beforehand. after warming up, and doing a few routes, i decided that i sould do a climb that i had set, and one that is a favourite of mine, mushroom magic (named because we have a wall shaped and painted in a large Mario style mushroom).

    as i sized up the climb, going over the moves in my head, i looked at the mattresses underneath the last moved and thought to myself, if i fell im going to possibly hurt myself…… i dont ,now why i though this, as, like i said, i have done this climb many a time before! i made my way though the first moves, feeling good about the climb and looking forward to the pump afterwards (shush ryan, id done a few climbs beforehand and was looking for pump!).

    so, after making my way through the crux, and doing the moves for the final hold, i had my left hand on a sidepull, and my right hand making my way towards the final hold. as i was reaching for it, i felt my left hand pop from the hold, and my body start to fall. as i fell, i thought to myself, this is going to hurt! i tensed my neck up, trying not to hit my head on the concrete that was beside the queen sized mattress. luckily i did! i landed flat on my tailbone, in about the middle of the mattress, and mt head made its way towards the concrete. the quick thinking saved my head from hitting the floor, but my tail bone is a bit sore…..

    after lying on the floor for a while, wondering what had happened, i rolled over and got up…. looking at the hold in question, it had actually rotated….. thats one of the joys of having a woody in a back shed!! it could have been so much worse! i could have hit my head on the floor, or some some serious damage to my tailbone….

    so, you may think im a clown, but thats your opinion…. im putting this up here to remind everyone that no matter how good a climber you are, that you can never predict the future, or whats going to happen to a hold…. luckily, i had a mattress to cushion some of the blow, but the next time this happnes, i may not….

    remember, were only human…..

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