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    Hey guys, I’ve climbed twice at the Gap in Albany and each time we have been approached by DPAW or police. The chats have been civilised and they basically just ask us to move on because they don’t want general public to start doing what we are doing (lol).

    The most recent chat was with DPAW and they are now asking climbers to call them ahead and just give them a heads up. They said we can’t be stopped climbing but out of courtesy to call and that way they aware of who is out there- I guess similar to the quarries.

    Anyone else had issues?

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    Maybe the crew who left a shopping trolley attached 25m down a face at the Gap would know . Google Albany shopping trolley or trawl the ABC news site.

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    Michael J

    Yeah had similar issue when I was bouldering there. Just took a few minutes to explain and all was well. Calling ahead out of courtesy seems fair to me, it is a space shared with tourists.

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