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    Hi all, I am looking for climbing partner that want to spend some time on the wall. i live in Margaret River. i have plenty of time, so if you are around and want to have some good time drop a line. I have most of the gear and spare harness if is need it.



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    hey victor, i got saturday off for the first time in ages. im thinking of driving down to climb on the 19th. send me an email: jeffreyyth at gmail.com

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    Hey Victor
    Will you be free for a climb around the 29th/30th Jan? Do you have a spare spot on your property somewhere for a dirtbagger to pitch her tent for a day or two of climbing? I have a full rack and rope.

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    Ryan Mazure

    Hey Victor,

    Im from Busselton and have a heap of gear. I go down a few times a week so send me your number and we can arrange when to go climbing.


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    I’m living in Dunsborough and have planty of time and some gear. If anyone is up to go climbing, please text me. Tel.: 0469032509

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    Hello Victor, I am in Perth for one week and have a free weekend. Can i join you for some climbing ? Margeret river looks like a nice place to spend time. 5-7 .2. weekend.

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    Hello I am living in Dunsborough. I have no gear with me just Harness, Shoes, PAS, and chalk. I climb in the 10s and am always up for something harder. I will be around for a few months.



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    Hey Victor and Ryan,

    I am living in Dunsborough and am keen to get out 1 to 2 times per week for a boulder/climb.
    Would be good to meet other climbers in the area.

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    Hey Ryan Victor and HEY Casper – Lou here 🙂 Hey the rest of you lot! 🙂

    Shout out for a climb down south: – there’s a site called Margaret River Climbing Buddies on facebook – doesn’t get heaps of action but no harm in shouting out on there – alternatively the old climbing gym had a site too called Climbing Naturaliste – Find Partners. Generally someone responds on there… Ryan and Victor there’s a few people with home walls. When the weather cools down there’s more of us out and about climbing down this way – otherwise we start a stupid-o’clock and bail before lunchtime in summer and I’m no early mover. I’m out of condition at the moment but keen to get back on trad again. Anyway look up those sites if you’re on facebook. Cheers, Lou

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