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    Hello, I have just been told that my climbing partner has left one of my cams in the lost arrow at Churchmans Brook, it is a green #1 HB flexi, if anyone finds this could you please let me know so we can organise a return? It was lost on the 21st August 2005


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    It was still there yesterday – I tried to remove it but I didnt have a nut key and its jammed pretty solid….

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    Thanks for having a shot, my partner and his mate couldn’t get it and I am injured at the moment and can’t get onto the wall to try and retrieve it. Any help in getting it back is really appreciated

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    I climbed the Lost Arrow crack on Saturday and the cam I saw there was black (either that or VERY dark green) but it was way over cammed and I could barely wiggle it. Couldn’t do much more as I didn’t have a nut key or anything. I just thought I’d let you know that if it’s the same one then it’s still there waiting.

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    Ben, thanks for letting me know, it was a fairly bright green but a few weeks in the rain and it would have darkened up, thanks for having a shot, I am mobile now so will have a go myself if it is still there in a week or two.



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