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    Just read through the replies generated so far. Thanks guys

    I have to ask about a specific bolt that has gone. One of the belay bolts back from Yellow Streak/Poodle Dog/Calophylla Crack at Churchman’s is missing. I don’t know when from. If anybody reading this knows what happened to it, could they let us know as it could be instructional. It was a Petzil ring bolt, glued in.



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    I did mention this to you at the time.

    And it was documented in committee records.

    Last year Calm’s contractors “found the bolt to be loose” and removed it. After they had presumably used it. The verbal comment from Calm was that whoever had put it in had not allowed sufficient thickness for the glue, which presumably questions the integrity of the remaining bolt.

    At the time no one addmitted knowledge of the bolt.

    Probably wise.

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