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    John Knight

    Has anyone set any traverse routes along mountain quarry? There’s a dcent line around the playboy area which is a fun little route, nothing too serious though, and there’s a patch of boulders a few minutes away that look quite decent too, has anyone done/set any routes here?

    ciao! 🙂

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    Hey John,

    yeah ive done some bouldering around there. The traverses around there are fun!

    Want a bouldering partner?

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    John Knight

    Um… Okay… 🙂 When and where do you boulder? I’ve been showing Guy and Claire where the set in Parkerville is, worth a look. 🙂

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    I go bouldering every coupla days recently (gotta love holidays). Mainly in Kalamunda around the bibbulmun travel. lots of nice boulders there. I’m keen to check out parkerville though, you sound pretty stoked by it.

    give us a call on 94594610 if you want and we can sort something out.

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    John Knight

    I’m pretty stoked about climbging in Kalamunda, still haven’t done it and I’ve got some mates there too, Wednesday and Saturday afternoons are the only real good times for me (sad as it is, hehe), I’ll give you a call, ciao!

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    I’m loving kalamunda at the moment, theres a little secret garden, just so many boulders, all shady and the rocks really nice

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