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    I’m planning on climbing Mt Kenya (5199m) in December. This is Kenya’s tallest mountain and the second tallest in Africa. It involves 5-6 days hiking and 2 full days of technical climbing. Between the two days, there’ll be 16-22 pitches depending on which route is taken. Is anyone else keen to climb this mountain with me?

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    Good luck, it’s a very pretty area. I tried the normal route on the Nelion SE face some years ago, but got shut down by weather. Hiked in by the Sirimon route and out by Naro Moru – lots of really interesting vegetation. Would love to go back at some point, but don’t think it will be anytime soon 🙂

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    Thanks for your input, Pei! Did you do it with a company, or just with friends? What time of year did you go?

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    I think it was early August, if I recall correctly (it was a while ago). We didn’t have that much time up there, so unfortunately couldn’t wait out bad weather.I went with a local guide. I hadn’t actually planned specifically to go to Mt Kenya, at the time I was on an extended travelling trip in Africa, and the opportunity arose and I happened to have my climbing gear with me.

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