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    Peter Zhang

    Hi all!

    We came across a beautiful orange face on the boulder about 50m from the Mt Trio carpark which has 4 bolted routes on it.

    I believe the route on the RHS is Piece de Resistance (19), just wondering if anyone has details of the other 3 climbs?


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    Too easy !
    Ask a hard one.
    Like who did the bolted route on the north face of Bluff Knoll ?????

    Warrangup (Mt Trio) Pied de Monte Boulders

    *Piece de Resistance 20m 19

    The RHS of the boulder on the old climbers track about 100 metres from the car park.

    Powerful and sustained climbing on good holds with 4BR. It is best climbed when it is

    socked in on Bluff Knoll. R Master, J. Truscott, M. Rosser 25 January 2004

    *Drills, Movie Making and the Wild West 20m 22

    Very intricate climbing to gain the holds past the first bolt, then very steep getting up past

    the second bolt. No one can remember the moves no matter how many times you do it.

    The last part is big mountain climbing. The pain stops when you finish. A great line, even

    awesome. 4BR. M. Rosser, K. Hartley 25 April 2009

    Urge Surfing 20m 21

    Leave the ground with long reaches to gain the thank god pocket. Fairly sustained after

    the crux with small crimps on powerful lunges depending on your size. 21 if you are a

    short arse. Bog on to the top. 3BR. M. Rosser, K Hartley, J. Truscott 25 April 2009

    Run Fat Boy, Run 20m 20

    Sustained, nice face climbing. The same all the way. 20 if you go straight over the bolts

    or 19 if you go to the right. 3BR.K Hartley. J. Truscott, M. Rosser 25 April 2009

    Climbing on the Edge of the Observable Universe 20m 9

    The arĂȘte, which must have surely been done by the oldies in the past. J. Truscott, R.

    Master, M. Rosser 25 January 2004

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    Peter Zhang


    Thanks Neil.

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    These are fun short routes with some fragile holds and questionable bolts. Bash-ins prefer granite over sandstone choss.. The only bolted route I know of on Bluff Knoll is Mark of the Lion by Matt and Jim, which I think was equipped before bolting was prohibited. Anyone been on it?

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    Hi all,

    the last time I did the Mt Trio boulder (about 2 months ago), a few of the ‘fragile holds’ were nowhere to be seen, so you could probably add a grade or so to Drills and Urge.

    You can also do a trad climb a metre or so to the right of Climbing on the Edge.


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    All routes were re-bolted with Fixe SS glue-ins in January. All routes were also given a thorough clean, a lot of fragile rock was removed and the grades indicated above are probably harder and need to be reassessed. If you’ve climbed them since then I’d be keen to hear your thoughts on grades / stars?

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    Hi Jonas

    At the time, I personally thought the grades were a bit harder… Maybe 1 grade harder but that took into account getting used to the style and commitment required at the time. Looking back, I think those grades are on par. In terms of quality I think they were awesome! Definitely deserves an extra star for all of them. Really enjoyed the style and the solidity of the holds despite their dodgy appearance. Awesome spot =)

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