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    The Power of Negative Thinking 24m 22*
    An intimidating line starting 10m right of ‘Altered States’ on right side of cave. Up massive pillar to thread, through a series of stalactites and overhang to a crows nest and continue to lower off at top of cliff. 1 fixed thread and 7RB to DBB. Use 60cm sling on first bolt to reduce rope drag. Jonas Hollingworth – Feb ‘15

    Comments welcome

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    Hey Jonas,

    Another great climb. I really enjoyed it. Some of the stalactites are a little worrying to stand on. But i dont think they’ll fall off. I like the fact that the climb goes all the way to the top 🙂

    I thought the grade was 22. Definitely easier than Altered States.

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    New things are good. But let’s be extra carefull about Bob’s Hollow and the stalactites. This line was not bolted by the original crew due to the delicate nature of that area of the cliff. A few years ago we thought we should bolt it but after an amusing TR with lots of prussick and tied off blobs we decided it wasn’t a smart idea due to the proximity of the stalactites. We didn’t want climbers to knock them off for safety and environmental reasons.

    I have seen stalactites come down more than once. Eg Kalymnos grand grotta where the routes get done more in a day that bobs in a year….. And that limestone is like rock compared to the damp sand at Bobs.

    Not trying to poke anyone with sticks but please consider more than just the FA when doing routes in sensitive locations. It’s easy to make mistakes. I have.

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    Fair call, although I did thoroughly clean the route before deciding to bolt and I never bolt anything I’m not willing to risk my own life on first. Most of the loose rock actually came off the top section. The stalactites are fairly solid, however you’re right, there’s no guarantees they won’t come down one day. I’ve pulled loose rock up to 2-300kgs off some of the most popular climbs around Perth with minimal effort. Be cautious and always make your own judgements no matter where you’re climbing.

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