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    Does anyone know anything about the new climbing gym that is supposedly opening later this year?

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    Tyrone C.

    No, but i’d like too.. Hopefully it’s a bouldering gym.. That would be very nice..

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    City Summit is in Malaga. The walls are 10 m high. I queried them on this and it would seem that in Perth it’s a standard height for a lot of warehouse spaces and without custom building at great expense, it wasn’t going to happen. Unfortunate, as I was hoping to see some high walls like they have over east.

    A great deal of planning has gone into this gym and maximum utilisation of space: some 700sqm. There will plenty of top rope stations, some lead areas that are separate to the top rope areas and of course bouldering. The walls will be plywood-concrete has a number of issues and is extremely expensive. There may be some texturing on some of the walls.

    There will also be a cafe that will provide a range of healthy foods.

    Thw owners have talked about opening in Oct but I’m not sure construction will be complete by then.

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    Tyrone C.

    Cool beans. Sounds interesting, high walls would have been awesome! Better be a big bouldering area 😛

    Cheers for the update!

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    Damien Hall

    Hi Guys,

    I am the co-owner of City Summit with Nigel Ray; the centre is located in Malaga with 10 metre high walls. Although we would have loved to see higher walls, warehouses in Perth are extremely rare to non-existent for anything higher than 10 meters. We spent a year and half looking for the right property and are very confident we have done just that.

    We have extended the length of climbs utilizing every available inch of the 711m2 warehouse and have created a lot of very long climbs as a result without continually using ceiling climbs.

    The warehouse will contain 3 large designated lead areas, 40 top roping stations and a very large bouldering area. We anticipate an opening day in October and will hold a closed Grand Opening session to CAWA members only.

    The following link is a copy of the PowerPoint presentation we gave at the CAWA social night on Wednesday the 10th of August. The climbing walls have been custom designed using an advanced 3d modelling program and we have provided some still shot examples of the climbing walls as well as a birds eye view of the centre. The use of 3d modelling allowed for a lot of free from design for the climbing walls creating a very unique, custom built climbing centre. (enter the following link into your web browser)

    The centre will also provide a café, function area and pro shop. We are currently applying for a liquor licence for the café but can’t make any promises at this stage, so keep in touch as to how we progress on this one. The café sits on an existing mezzanine, at about 5 metres and overlooks the entire centre, it’s a great place to chill out with friends after a hard climbing session.

    The City Summit website should be up and running in a couple of weeks; and a twitter account will be set up in the next week or two to show the progress of the climbing walls.

    Feel free to contact either Nigel or myself with any feedback, questions or even suggestion:


    Damien Hall

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    Tyrone C.

    Damien, I am excited 🙂

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    Damien Hall

    I like excited!

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    It’s the best way to get a good new crag started around Perth.

    Build one.

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    Will the prices be as extortionate as the rockface??, especially given the location!.

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    Tyrone C.

    ahaha good point! i think they said something like $14, check the .ppt link above.

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    An opening date yet?

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    Finally something closer for all of us stuck in the northern suburbs. Looks great 🙂

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    Sounds Fantastic! I’m sure the Walls will be Great! (Great Wall of “…” …..get it?)

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    Tyrone C.

    Hey guys, any new news about the gym?
    Also whats going to be the go with your bouldering wall, are you going to set colour specific routes, or just put up the holds and tape routes as you go?

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    Hey Damien, I looked at the power point and it is very exciting. Nice go with the Dream catcher lead wall. Fan of sharma? I really like the bouldering area. The use of caves and doorways makes for some great dyno opportunities. Also this creates a squash zone for kids. Maybe have the boulder area fenced off so little tykes can’t offer themselves up as additional padding without a parent nearby to ignore them as they download an a new iphone application. Are there going to be any roof crack or crack areas in the boulder caves? Also, as for location, I have always thought the old massive brick building in Freo would be the best place for a massive rock climbing gym. It reminds me of the old Sacramento California Pipeworks gym. They got it right with getting the community to gather under one roof. Will there also be an area at your gym to sit and watch videos? I always liked the lounge area that inspires.

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    Hi Damien also curios about you bouldering area. Will you have any areas for training climbers? Will you be holding any comps at the gym? Also any news on the opening date?

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    We need a climb gym south of the river too. Perhaps in Bibra Lake.
    Also the prices at rockface arn’t that bad concidering they include the harness hire in the admission unlike the hang out.

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    i second that for a climbing gym south of the river. Anything where we dont have to drive an hour to go indoor climbing would be great. though summer is coming which means blackwall will be my gym for the summer.

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    Hey Guys,

    Sorry about the late response!!!! you wouldnt believe it but have been flat out building the gym!!!

    Good questions and great timing regarding the bouldering area… we are currently having a re-think on the design, we know how important it is to have a good bouldering. One of the issues we are facing is the drop zone from the bridge impacting on the bouldering zone and yes we are conscience of the \”tykes\” in that area. Any suggestions are greatly recieved. We are working on the cave today in 3D and I will post what we have come up with for comment. Unfortanely we have littl time on this as we have to get to fabrication on that area so be quick once its posted!

    Great news! We have now finished the first climbing but is yet to be erected. We are waiting on the next frame so we can erect the two together. Some issues to still get over in reaching the full hieght while we erect the frames but we are confident we have sorted that as well; we are building a sub frame to get to the full height on this wall. I have now created the twitter account (yeah i know its a little late…) and I will post regular photos and updates… check out the new beginners wall it looks pretty cool!

    Twitter account @citysummit.

    Keep an eye for the bouldering cave changes. And yes, we are thinking about south of the river but lets get this one up and running first, Nigel and I need some sleep! working around the clock 7 days a week is starting to take a toll. Opening date, we are really pushing to get open for you guys by mid December. Dont forget you are welcome to swing by and have a look. We are there everynight and all weekend.

    Cheers guys!!!

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    Damien Hall

    Hi Guys,

    Sorry forgot to answer one of the questions there… the bouldering cave will definately be colour coded not set by “tape”. We are manufacturing our holds and have allowed for colour coded holds in the bouldering cave. Just FYI, our holds have been designed and manufactured to the Australian standards and have passed all required tests.

    I have now set up a City Summit facebook page. Join the group for discussions and regular updates, search City Summit on Facebook.


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    Damien Hall

    Me again…

    Definately areas to watch TV in comfort; Summit Lounge is the cafe located on the mezzanine. It overlooks the climbing area and yes we have purchased two 51″ plazmas, one to be located in the Summit Lounge and the other will be located in the climbing area. We plan to have Foxtel for all sport coverage and we also plan to have been bags throughout the gym for spectators, hopefully this means no more sore necks from lookin up all the time!

    The Summit Lounge will also have healthy food, fresh juice, great coffee and we are applying for a liquor licence. We are aiming to create great climbing but most importantly a comfortalbe place to hang out and call ‘your own”

    Keep the questions coming guys!


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    Damien Hall

    Hey Guys,

    The City Summit website is now live! Check it out

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    So the prices will be as extortionate as rockface!!.

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    how about you charge $18 per entry WHEN you GET your liquor licence. Or do you plan to push it up again?

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    It’s their gym, they can charge what they like.

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