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    For info, DPaW have placed a new sign at the summit lookout on Bluff Knoll warning tourists of the dangers of throwing rocks. There’s been a number of close calls over the years with climbing parties on the North Face experiencing near misses with at least one case of a helmet being split open. Of course it won’t completely eliminate the risk, however should minimise or at least reduce it. The idea for the sign was initiated by climbers which was supported and funded by DPaW.

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    There used to be more than one of hose signs lodged down the face… and one at the bottom too I think.



    That is really cool Jonas, thank you for that. I spoke to the ranger about a sign a nd he agreed it was a great idea. I had rocks come down whilst I was climbing and it was a bit scarey. Cheers mate that is excellent.


    Ross Weiter

    great. Hopefully they bolted the sign down well.



    Sounds like they need a sign to warn people not to throw signs off the rocks as well. 🙂

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