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    John Knight

    The interview with Patrick Turner by Dinah was great. 🙂 I love what you do, Patrick. 😉 I’m banging off an article right now, should be finished in a few days. It’s all about poor old beginners with no money, no shoes and no equipment, desperately looking for some outdoor climbing they can do despite the sore lack of gear.



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    Thanks John for your comments. I enjoyed doing the interview, it was great fun so I aim to do more in the future. Right now I am stuck in the Renaissance hotel in Bombay waiting on some work for a client and this means I can’t get anything out for the next issue. If anyone else wants to do an article for the Western Climber I am sure Mel our trusty editor would be extremely appreciative. It’s always hard work finding articles.

    Diane, your comments on beginners and static ropes was pertinent. Would you consider putting together a short article about how to get into climbing; what sort of gear is required, where to go, how to find climbing partners?

    And if anyone knows of an intersting climber who is local or visiting Perth and who would not mind being interviewed can they let me know. I can be contacted through the webmaster email address or any of the other CAWA emails like



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    John Knight

    Diane, if you do knock out an article, could I have something to do with it? Might be a bit of an ask I ‘spose, but all of these articles are written by experienced climbers. I’m an experienced boulderer (I ‘spose, I reckon I qualify now), but very inexperienced when it comes to rope climbing.

    If someone experienced writes an article, they can only see it from their own eyes and it’s easy to miss important info for things that’s needed for the inexperienced. But if someone inexperienced looks at it, they can give feedback and it can get improved.

    Self-conscious John signing off! 😉

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    John and Dinah-

    I’ll have a stab at a short article- maybe in January when work settles down- and John I’ll have both ‘newbies’ and ‘oldies’ (sorry- ‘more experienced climbers’) look at it!

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