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    Hey there. I am new to climbing, have been doing quite a lot in gyms with a friend, and feel that i would like to head outdoor. My dad has an old rope which had limited use, but it is about 13 years old… It has been kept dry, and stored inside a shed, and had no visible signs of wear or decay, but i am not sure if i want to be trusting my weight upon it. Would it be perhaps suitable to lead in the gyms, or to head outdoors with?


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    Personally at that age I’d retire it to abseil or top rope only.

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    Jinjar nijar

    NO WAY!

    it would have lost all of its dynamic properties  Maybe someone else could shed some light on the lifetime of lead rope. But i think the manufacturers recommend retiring all ropes after 5 years, independent of use. I would definitely not use it for top roping either, and perhaps, if you are sure it is in good condition, only use it as a rap rope.

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    Another discussion on rope aging…

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    If you are unsure of it don’t use it. Each rope will have its own shelf life also. I personaly wouldn’t use that rope for anything dude.

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