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    I heard a rumour going around that there was an idea of a CAWA outdoors bouldering comp in the works. Just wondering if it is still being pursued because that would be awesome!



    Hi Peter. It was talked about last year. Let’s raise it with the Committee to see what they are planning ? Sounds like it could be fun 🙂



    Hi Peter. There are no plans for CAWA to run any competitions. A lot of manpower and hours is needed to organise comps of any kind and conducting one in the great outdoors is even more complex. We have a small committee this year and are already stretched carrying out the various administrative tasks, trips, gym crashes, other events and managing access issues, just to mention a few of the things that we do. There are limits to how much time volunteers can be asked or expected to give.

    Several years ago a private group did run an outdoor boulder comp but I don’t recall who the organisers were. I do remember there being a number of challenges. However, there is no reason why another private group of friends can’t step up and organise such an event themselves. I am happy to assist with advice and liaison with the land managers if it is being run on public land, as permission will be required.


    Mike (R)

    Hey Peter,
    My friend Matt and I might be interested in an outdoor bouldering trip, too hard to organize a comp but just going out with a bigger group maybe and exploring and putting up some FAs in some area. I have a few ideas of places we could go. It would be fun to do a few FAs and then knock out another mini guide. I just got back to Perth after being gone for almost three years though so a bit rusty 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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