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    Just saw a brief newsflash that ex-WA climber that many folk would know, Owen Davis, was rescued after a fall on Ben Lomand in Tas.

    Anyone know any details? If anyone is in contact with him, please let him know we hope he is alright.

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    Pete Thomas


    I assume this is the incident in question, though it does not give a name. They say he was soloing. Anyway, if anyone has his mobile, please pass on my best wishes too.


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    Pete Thomas
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    Richard W

    Yes, unfortunately it was Owen! He’s ok and is being operated on now. Don’t know the full extent of his injuries but the staff say he will be able to talk with me later today or tomorrow. Praying for his speedy recovery and I’m sure he would appreciate text messages of best wishes from all who know him.

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    All the best Owen and very sorry to hear about the accident.

    I’m sure the Launceston nurses are doing their best to keep him happy !

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    Bugger. Climbing by himself, this is the pure stuff. Hopefully no permanent damage done.

    There was a comment reported in one of the pages made by a ranger about carrying a personal locator beacon (land based epirb)….sounds like an interesting idea in principle: BUT they cost $600, weight at least half a pond and would probably be smashed to pieces in the fall. Has any got any experience with this sort of thing? CAWA could consider acquiring one for loaning out if there was some use for it.

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    ed nepia

    Sorry to hear of Owens prang, best wishes for a speedy comeback

    I have taken them as part of group equipment on trips into the mountains where the extra weight isn’t an issue. Epirbs wont prevent accidents, but they are normally recommended by authorities whenever someone comes a cropper.

    The focus for climbing parties should be firstly on managing a self rescue, rather then automatically pushing the button and mobilising a search. In this case it sounds like Owen was able to call for help on a mobile phone so having an epirb wouldnt have changed much.

    Soling is a fairly risky activity and perhaps just leaving your intentions with someone reliable might be a reasonable idea.

    An epirb might be a sound investment for CAWA trips to remote crags where mobile coverage is non existent or unreliable.

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    It might be a bit premature to use the word soloing. The news picture shows recovery from a bushy “gully”. While there are no real gullys on BL there are bushy breaks up the face which some, (very few really) might regard as steep scrambling.

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    ed nepia


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