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    Building on the minor groundswell of bouldering going on and following on from a previous thread, here is a list of those pesky ‘secret’ areas that we have been frequenting. Perhaps this thread and NearMap coordinates can be the start of a collection of Perth’s little known sites.

    POINT 45 –,116.378257&ll=-32.393271,116.379504&z=19&t=h&nmd=20090202

    Home to Prize Fighting (classic highball) and some cool lines.

    POINT 9 –,116.376446&ll=-32.388994,116.377466&z=18&t=h&nmd=20090202

    Not as good as POINT 45 but some good rock

    ELDORADO –,116.083260&ll=-31.72354,116.082895&z=17&t=h&nmd=20101016

    An excellent collection of problems including some stellar highballs and Perth’s longest roof-crack!

    DEAD GOAT –,116.087852&ll=-31.710946,116.087487&z=17&t=h&nmd=20101016

    Small but an awesome wall with a good collection of highballs.

    No, as yet there are no topos but contact us for info.

    Oh and if this place catches your eye – dont bother it is shite –,116.362574)&ll=-32.543082,116.363599&z=18&t=h&nmd=20090202

    As for updates on Millers, Cooke, Pipelines and Walyunga – Shane Richardson will likely be including these areas in his new Perth Rockclimbing guide so keep an ear out.

    Feel free to add in some areas of your own or post some thoughts.



    Bold Emil, very bold!

    What about Steve’s Roleystone super crag?


    Mike (R)

    Great! That’s awesome. El Dorado is a fitting mysterious name for a “secret” area.

    Is this book of Shane’s going to be just a bouldering guide? Sounds good.




    Good stuff! Shame I just booked a flight out of Perth, but I’d love to check some out next year. Got any photos?



    I have a few low quality photos somewhere of eldorado and dead goat, I’ll dig them out and post them somewhere.

    Stay tuned.



    there is another small outcrop of rocks just north of elderado that looks promising too. can you drive down that road or is it one for the hike?


    Mike (R)

    Yeah, Seth, get a few pics up. That would be great.

    I looked at the nearmap site (pretty cool) and then remembered a few years ago when I was looking for Walyunga I had gone on the wrong side of the river to the National Park (found some small boulders on that side and wrote about it on CAWA but it wasn’t that good). While we were walking around I spied some good looking boulders on the other side of the river and took some pics. Then I forgot about them and left the country for a while. Are any of these pics of Eldorado or Dead Goat? Probably they are. If they aren’t they still look pretty good.




    Shane’s guide will be Perth climbing in general but will have a bouldering section with the bigger areas.

    Here are some photos from Eldorado –

    As you will see its a ride in…. The boulders between Eldo and DG are not as good as they seem on NearMap. Mike I think those photos of yours are near DG but I cant be sure….



    this is awesome!!! any descriptions for problems? or would they be easy enough to find?



    Hey Jason,

    Emil’s photos don’t show all the boulders. We’ll do some work and knock up a quick topo including projects galore!




    Mike (R)

    Great! Hanging out for the topo and directions… thanks Seth and Emil.


    Mike (R)

    Any progress on those promised topos? Looking forward to them.

    We’re working on a couple other guides too and hopefully they’ll be up soon…




    yeah I should get onto that. sorry. probably when the weather cools of some.


    Mike (R)

    We put up 8 new problems today. Nothing extraordinary but good fun. From V0-V3ish but felt a lot harder in the 40 degree heat. I’ll add it to the mini guide and have it up soon.

    This forum is pretty dead. Must be the weather.




    anyone got any more info on these areas would love to go check them out

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