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    Some new footage of Perth Bouldering

    more to come


    Mike (R)

    Crankdown rises from the ashes… this is great. I was just working on the Walyunga Mini Guide and thought I’d check CAWA’s super boring bouldering forum… and here’s a new video! keep ’em coming.

    Do you want to have a look at the mini guide? make any corrections? add names to any unnamed ‘andy problems’? add any other problems Jason and I missed?


    Mike (R)

    the new waly’s one is good too. Waly World is to the left of “The answer comes quick” (unnamed one from crankdown a few years ago) right?

    Is “deforestion” supposed to be “deforestation”? Comparing it with old photos I can see why it’d be called that…

    Is Snake That up on the right of the ravine when coming down?

    just trying to get ’em right on a rough topo…

    look like great problems andy, thanks for sharing.



    snake that is up the valley a bit. from the “Andy’s Answer” boulder walk up the valley past a big group of boulders that have a few problems on them and then up the hill and you will find it, probably less than 5 mins walk. vague I know but such is perth boudlering…


    Mike (R)

    The Roleystone one is great too, but now the Waly’s one is gone… Thanks for putting up these videos.


    Mike (R)

    I was just hoping Andy would put up a video of Minus One V11… and now there is Plus One V11 too! Is that a new problem? who is the FA? Good stuff!

    Now with Bala (sds), Minus One and Plus One, the only other V11 I know of in Perth (could be wrong) is Smiley Face at boulder rock. Thanks for the videos. If you get a chance, put the Waly World one up again too.


    Mike (R)

    There haven’t been any new perth bouldering videos on the vimeo for ages… Living in a polluted city in China I get pretty happy when new ones get put up… Got any new sends for us, Andy? Anyone else?



    Yea, these videos are so good. It’d be so cool to see more.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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