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    Some new footage of Perth Bouldering

    more to come

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    Mike (R)

    Crankdown rises from the ashes… this is great. I was just working on the Walyunga Mini Guide and thought I’d check CAWA’s super boring bouldering forum… and here’s a new video! keep ’em coming.

    Do you want to have a look at the mini guide? make any corrections? add names to any unnamed ‘andy problems’? add any other problems Jason and I missed?

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    Mike (R)

    the new waly’s one is good too. Waly World is to the left of “The answer comes quick” (unnamed one from crankdown a few years ago) right?

    Is “deforestion” supposed to be “deforestation”? Comparing it with old photos I can see why it’d be called that…

    Is Snake That up on the right of the ravine when coming down?

    just trying to get ’em right on a rough topo…

    look like great problems andy, thanks for sharing.

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    snake that is up the valley a bit. from the “Andy’s Answer” boulder walk up the valley past a big group of boulders that have a few problems on them and then up the hill and you will find it, probably less than 5 mins walk. vague I know but such is perth boudlering…

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    Mike (R)

    The Roleystone one is great too, but now the Waly’s one is gone… Thanks for putting up these videos.

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    Mike (R)

    I was just hoping Andy would put up a video of Minus One V11… and now there is Plus One V11 too! Is that a new problem? who is the FA? Good stuff!

    Now with Bala (sds), Minus One and Plus One, the only other V11 I know of in Perth (could be wrong) is Smiley Face at boulder rock. Thanks for the videos. If you get a chance, put the Waly World one up again too.

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    Mike (R)

    There haven’t been any new perth bouldering videos on the vimeo for ages… Living in a polluted city in China I get pretty happy when new ones get put up… Got any new sends for us, Andy? Anyone else?

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    Yea, these videos are so good. It’d be so cool to see more.

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